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This product was posted on Wednesday, Sep 7th, 2011 | 0 comments

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We have achieved Gutter Protection Perfection™. Here’s Why:

  1. LeafFilter™ is rated the #1 professionally installed gutter protection system in the nation by two different leading consumer ratings magazines!
  2. LeafFilter™ is installed on your new or existing gutters and does NOT disturb or install up under your roof or shingles. Disturbing your shingles exposes the roof of your home to the unnecessary risk of leaking and could also void your roof warranty.
  3. LeafFilter™ provides homeowners with completely sealed gutter protection systems — no holes, no gaps, no channels, and no openings. It isIMPOSSIBLE to clog a gutter protected by LeafFilter™. Our patented surgical grade stainless steel micro-filter allows nothing but water into your gutter – guaranteed!
  4. Speaking of our guarantee – it too is the best in the gutter protection industry. We proudly stand behind the performance of our 8 million + feet of LeafFilter™ that we have installed across the country. We have never had one of our LeafFilter™ protected gutters clog – ever! And if any portion of your LeafFilter™ protected gutter were to clog, then we’ll refund the cost of the product on the entire installation. We have had this guarantee for over a decade now, and NEVER have we had to refund money because of a clogged gutter – EVER!  We don’t limit our warranty to “if it clogs, we’ll clean it for free” because LeafFilter™ gutter protection systems really work as great as we say they do.  LeafFilter™ – It’s Gutter Protection Perfection™!
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