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This product was posted on Monday, Nov 28th, 2011 | 0 comments

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The Best Patented Triangle Filter Available

GutterFill® and GutterFill® Extreme are unlike any triangle shaped gutter filter on the market today. They have built-in Fire Resistant, Anti-Microbial/Fungicide and U.V. Stabilization, added directly during the production process. GutterFill® products are also available to fit half round and fascia gutters.
The difference between GutterFill® and GutterFill® Extreme is that GutterFill® Extreme is fully coated with Enviro FR™ with Pure Citronella and Other Natural Oils for additional environmental considerations.
GutterFill® Extreme is the only triangle filter available with the ability to pass the Methenamine pill burn test and FMVSS-302 burn test on all sides! Extreme situations require extreme solutions.
GutterFill® passes the FMVSS-302 burn test. This classification is the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard proposed by the U.S. Government used in your automobiles today. All GutterFill® products are able to self extinguish in seconds!

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