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This product was posted on Tuesday, Dec 6th, 2011 | 1 comment

Product Overview

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The patent-pending LeafX® Clean Gutter System was designed and tested by engineers to handle the heaviest rainfalls on record while still keeping your gutters clog free. See how each unique feature below helps make LeafX® the leader in gutter protection.

The Nose-Forward Cover extends past the gutter lip, allowing water to follow the curve of the hood and flow into the gutter, while leaves and debris are effectively washed away.

The Flex-Drain collects additional water through the vertical perforations and bends to allow each system to be custom fit to match the exact roof pitch.

The Preset Opening keeps water where you want it – Flowing through your gutters.

The Low Profile Design and variety of matching colors available combine to enhance the appearance of the home.

The Ridges on the Cover slow water flow, forcing it to sheet rather than flow in streams. These ridges also strengthen the system, allowing LeafX® to handle the heaviest snow and ice loads.

Factory Preset Installation Guides allow fasteners to be recessed, thereby maintaining a seamless and uniform appearance.

The Clog Free Gutter allows water to flow freely.

Premium .024 Aluminum is the only material used in LeafX®. This means that LeafX® significantly strengthens the gutter system and will handle the added weight of ice and snow.

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One Customer Review

  • says:

    This gutter was okay until yellow jackets started to nest inside of it. A bad design flaw for sure. When I called them to work with them on my problem, they told me that it was an act of nature, and they couldn’t do anything. Not exactly great customer service for a badly designed product.

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